Methods of Instructing Parents and Guardians of Special Needs Individuals

أولياء ذوي الاحتياجات الخاصة وسبل إرشادهم / تهاني محمد عثمان منيب.

منيب، تهاني محمد عثمان ; Tahani Mohammed Uthman Muneeb (2010)


This book presents a thorough and comprehensive view of the rights of special needs individuals – especially children, and lays down a program educating their parents and guardians in this regard. This program and the information in the book is intended to make it easier for these parents and guardians to be aware of and defend the rights of special needs individuals under their care. The author gives an historical account of the development of these rights and outlines Islamic teachings regarding the rights, needs and entitlements of special needs individuals. This also includes an overview of these rights in Arab countries. Various rights are outlined and discussed such as educational rights, health rights, employment rights, social and civil rights; the process of defending these rights is also examined. In addition to the practical application of the information in this book, it presents many other academic theories surrounding special needs individuals and their rights. The author draws upon other studies from both western and Arab perspectives and evaluates and compares them. Overall, this book provides and interesting theoretical and practical discussion useful to academics and those caring for special needs individuals in learning about and defending their rights.