Films Presenting Violence and Obscenity: Relationship with Crimes

أفلام العنف والإباحة وعلاقتها بالجريمة / خالد بن سعود البشر.

البشر، خالد بن سعود ; Khalid Saud Al-Bishr (2005)


The present book represents an earnest endeavor made by the University to provide an academic study on social phenomena and provide suggestive solutions to ensure protection to the Arab communities against crime and deviation through spreading social and cultural awareness as well as security enlightenment. The book, in its concluding sections, offers salient findings which include: 1. Watching films on violence and obscenity is not the main factor responsible for crime and deviation. 2. The impact of watching films on sex and violence on an individual is a relative issue depending on the individual’s tendencies and susceptibilities. 3. The sample group of deviationists were deviant persons before watching films. After watching their deviationist behavior and criminal tendencies led them to more deviance and aberration. The book incorporates a recommendation of prime significance. There is dire need to provide religious, social and cultural education programs and to build moral values among youngsters.