Criminal Strategy Foundations and their Security Applications

أسس الاستراتيجية الجنائية وتطبيقاتها الأمنية / أحمد ضياء الدين محمد خليل.

خليل، أحمد ضياء الدين محمد ; Ahmad Deyaa Khalil (1992)


Many of the contemporary factors gathered and changed the form and substance of crime, also left their mark equally on the combating plans and methods of implementation, this impact that resulted from the development of crime, either in its idea or its planning, or even in the method of implementation; required the need to reconsider the logic of criminal and security planning to combat the modern models of criminal behavior. This book highlights the subject of criminal strategy in terms of foundations and security applications. It also presents an introduction for criminal security strategy, where it explains the concept of strategy and its related types, range of application and levels of strategic action. The book then discusses the elements of strategy and its components, which include intellectual values and good guidance, the efficiency of both the implementing bodies and the penal laws. The discussion then reviews the objectives of the criminal and security strategies, and provides an explanation of the dimensions of these objectives, types of objectives and their conditions, sources of objectives and controls, the results and consequences of these objectives. In conclusion, the study deals with the applications of criminal and security strategies in contemporary societies, and presents the strategic application in the Muslim community as an example that clarifies the essence of the Islamic penal system, the distinctive features of the Islamic penal system, which included the legislative element, ethical, social, psychological, judicial and executive. It also addresses the strategic application of formal and religious systems.