The impact of wars in the spread of drugs

أثر الحروب في انتشار المخدرات / عايد علي الحميدان.

الحميدان، عايد علي عبيد ; Ayed Alhmaidan (2007)


Drugs have spread in the world in unprecedented way. Wars help in this spread and they are responsible of its traditional planting as well as its production in secret labs. The researches which were made on the countries that suffered because of wars mentioned that living a war experience directly or indirectly such as fear of torturing, watching executions, or exposure to abuse and arrest, may cause bad social and psychological effects by the passing of time. These effects appear as abnormal behaviors because of the stress, the inferiority, and the inability that the individual feels. This study deals with the major sides of this phenomenon by highlighting the impact of the wars on the spread of drugs, and suggesting ways to treat this phenomenon using the results that are attained, to enable the family and the community to face and prevent this danger. The book includes six chapters, the first one presents an overview of the assets of the theoretical concept and study issues, while the second chapter discusses the academic heritage. The third chapter treats the drug problem in the GCC countries and indicated the role of the national committees and association in preventing and reducing drug abuse. The fourth chapter discusses the methodological procedures of the study. The fifth chapter analyzes the field study that identifies the basic features and visions of the study sample. Finally, the sixth chapter includes the most important results and suggestion of the study.