Information and Documentation Systems and the Arab Security Services

نظم المعلومات والوثائق في أجهزة الأمن العربية

بكة، محمد ; Mohammad Bakah (1997)



Information is an important resource for all institutions, organizations, government agencies, security services and others. It has therefore become important for these different bodies to reach quick, easy and effective IT access to the significant data , strategic documents and reports. This research proposes to study the design and implementation of database management system information, where the rules of this information work on the storage and retrieval of data and documents, and meet government security requirements, still characterized by the ability to ensure data integrity at the level of management of advanced computers. The system offers the possibility of a run on a wide variety of operating systems of computers on their own, or working within a wide and integrated network. The study shows two main ways for the design of document databases , which are the design way from top to bottom, as the design begins in the abstract level as a model for the database, and then this stage leads to processes design based on the form, and eventually lead to the implementation of the model with the minimum standard. The design method from bottom to top begins from the bottom based on the operational strategy determined ahead, which depends on the capacity of the system basically, which is determined in the first structural data for indexing data with the provision of high-efficiency in the exploitation of structural data that has been built. In conclusion, this study aims to pave the idea of establishing an Arab network for information security to facilitate the task of those charged with security in Arab countries.