Reality and Trends of Crime in the Arab Homeland

واقع الجريمة واتجاهاتها في الوطن العربي : دراسة تحليلية لجرائم السرقات والقتل العمد والمخدرات / أكرم عبد الرزاق المشهداني.

المشهداني، أكرم عبد الرزاق. ; Abdul Raziq A. Mashandani (2005)


All in all, the present book sheds light on crime and its emerging trends in the Arab world. The book, in its preparation, has followed an analytical – quantitative approach. As a whole, the present work tackles the following subjects: - Arab Society: Characteristics and Challenges. - Explanatory Theories on Crime. - Applied – Statistical – Criminal Dimension. - Descriptive Presentation of Crime in the Arab World. - Analysis of Factors Determining and Explaining Variations in Crime. - Drugs - Related Crimes. The book, in its concluding section, incorporates some recommendations including the following: 1. Importance should be given to expanding social development projects. Likewise, programs and plans on the elevation of standards _____ educational, health, economic _____ for the inhabitants of all Arab countries should be laid down. 2. Attention should be given to developing rural areas in the Arab world. Also, high-quality services in the fields of health, education and training should be provided. 3. Religious values should be both promoted and consolidated through educational and media institutions. 4. Civil defence programs against crime should be developed. 5. Arab family should be given ample attention and consideration. 6. Care should be extended to the youth. 7. The socio-economic status of personnel affiliated to criminal justice agencies should be improved.