Police Disciplinary Procedures in Arab Countries

نظم القضاء الشرطي في الدول العربية / محمد الأمين البشري.

البشري، محمد الأمين ; Mohammed Al-Amin Al-Bashari (2010)


This book presents a detailed overview of police disciplinary procedures in Arab countries and presents very specific research surrounding these processes in the United Arab Emirates. In the first chapter, the author outlines the great importance of maintaining a sound, just and transparent police force which successfully deals with police violations within the force and towards members of the public and other elements of society. He also highlights the necessity of research into the effectiveness of these procedures and their evaluation in order to maintain a constant level of improvement in police work. Thereafter, the second chapter presents a comparison between military and police tribunals as well as disciplinary councils used by these two sectors. It clarifies the differences between them and gives an overview of police tribunal procedures in Arab countries. The third chapter discusses the subject of control, investigation and prosecution in crimes committed by police. It presents a comparison of the procedures used in both Arab and non- Arab countries and discusses procedures surrounding allegations. The fourth chapter discusses the procedures involved in police tribunals in issuing and applying punishments to those found guilty of crimes or breaches of conduct. It presents a comparison of these procedures in Arab and non-Arab countries. The book also contains a section evaluating various procedures which have been applied in Arab countries. The author finishes by presenting the results of the study and various points of advice to police authorities regarding his conclusions.