Abstracts of University Publications on Combating Terrorism

ملخصات إصدارات الجامعة في مجال مكافحة الإرهاب.

محمد فتحي عيد وآخرون ; Mohammed Fathi Eid and others (2005)


As a whole, the present work reflects the relative concern of Naif Arab University for Security Sciences on the phenomenon of terrorism. The latter, needless to state, is a source of mounting tension throughout the world. In expressing its relative concern on terrorism, the University has left no stone unturned to handle it. It has convened conferences, organized lectures and conducted training courses. University concern over terrorism reflects momentum in the present book which contains abstracts of its publications on combating terrorism. In addition to Arabic, it is rendered in two other languages _____ English and French. It provides opportunity to experts and specialists to discern the pioneering role that the University plays in an important area. This area is characterized with grave dangers. The University has entrusted some members of its faculty with preparing abstracts of its publications on combating terrorism. In response, the present book appeared as an output. It contains twelve abstracts of its publications on terrorism which have tackled the phenomenon in all its aspects and dimensions.