Counter Terrorism

مكافحة الإرهاب

عوض, محمد محي الدين ; العموش, أحمد فلاح ; عيد, محمد فتحي ; الجحني, علي بن فايز ; سند. نجاتي سيد أحمد (1999)


This book focuses on the topic of counter terrorism, desiring to give a clear picture of terrorism, which can help to find proper means and methods to face it and deals with the danger caused by it on the Arabic and international level. The book deals with a number of topics that are revolved around the axis of counter terrorism, as it introduces a glance about the reality of terrorism and its trends, including the international and interior terrorism and the current problems related with it, which would result in worsening the terrorism without controls. The book discusses the reasons of the spread of terrorism phenomenon, and clarifies the dimensions, which the spreading reasons are revolving around; the most important are the problem of defining the terrorism phenomenon, the structure of terrorism phenomenon, political violence and organized crime. The book also displays the forms of terrorism, which they are of two main forms: the terrorism of national groups that demand self-determination, and use terrorism as a part of their strategies to reach their goals. The terrorism of ideological groups, these groups have a clear goal, it is to change the social, economical and political systems, and some of these groups don’t adopt a specific principal or goal, even if they aim to abolish the system of state government. The book addresses the role of the social and security institutions in counter terrorism, and addresses the Arabic cooperation in counter terrorism, which aims to face the activities of the criminal organizations by insuring the punishment and depriving those organizations from finding safe places. Finally, the book displays the international cooperation to counter terrorism.