Future of Terrorism in the Present Century

مستقبل الإرهاب في هذا القرن / أحمد فلاح العموش.

العموش، أحمد فلاح ; Ahmad Fallah Al-Ghamoos (2006)


This present book seeks essentially to explore the link between terrorism and global variables. It also explores ways to gain quick access to information and technologies necessary to combat and eliminate terrorist gangs and to contribute to the reinforcement of security work on academic and scientific bases. The central objective of this study is to provide analysis on the march of terrorism in the 21st century within an articulate theoretical methodological framework. To accomplish this aim, the study has made an earnest endeavor to provide an objective, clear – cut and impartial academic definition of terrorism. The book, as a whole, has expounded on the following topics: - Problems Associated with Terminology on Terrorism. - Explanatory Theoretical Frameworks on Terrorism. - Terrorism and Criminal Phenomena: Conventional and Modern. - Essential Characteristics of Terrorism. - Emerging Patterns of Terrorism in the 21st Century. - Trends of Terrorism in the 21st Century. - Combating Terrorism in the 21st Century. The book incorporates some recommendations. These are as under: 1. Importance should be assigned to spelling out a precise and comprehensive definition for the term “terrorism” that should be acceptable to all societies. 2. Precise distinction should be made between terrorism and other criminal phenomena – traditional and contemporary. 3. Academic security bases should be laid down to counter modern forms of terrorism. 4. Arab security academies should be called upon to impart a course on terrorism in their instructional curricula.