Toward an Arab Security Training Strategy

نحو استراتيجية عربية للتدريب في الميادين الأمنية : أبحاث الندوة العلمية الرابعة / المركز العربي للدراسات الأمنية والتدريب.

عبدالمعطي محمد عساف ; Abdalmattiy Mohammed Assaf and others (1988)


Training became a necessary process for general development across the Arab countries, without such training there’s no hope of raising the efficiency of performance in any area in this part of the world. This book presents a range of topics that revolves around the issue of training in security fields, which seeks in its entirety to create a foundation of an Arab security training strategy. The book starts by discussing the objectives of the Arab security training strategy, represented in: strengthening the cultural and ideological security, the strengthening of good citizenship, the strengthening of friendly cooperation between security forces and citizens and the fine preparation of the Arab security forces. The book then addresses the concept of “Police – to protect and serve the society” and its applications, indicating that the excellence of performance of the policeman’s job is a crucial factor in the development and application of this concept and then comes the importance of proper training of police officers and preparing them to perform their mission. The book then discusses the topic of intellectual and ideological security, where it explains related concepts, features and ways of achievement. It also deals with the application of the Arab security training strategy, pointing out that the development and preparation of such strategy requires the security bodies to consider technological and technical development. In conclusion, the book highlights the measures needed to increase the efficiency of training programs in the security fields.