The Rehabilitation of Repentant Felons in the Arab countries

رد الاعتبار للمجرم التائب في الدول العربية / حسن صادق المرصفاوي.

المرصفاوي، حسن صادق. ; Hassan Sadiq Al-Marsafawi (1990)


Rehabilitation of felons is considered as an urgent need to achieve justice, which must be within the framework of legislations and laws which maintains custom and tradition in societies where justice rules. This book highlights the topic of rehabilitation of felons and its application in Arab countries. It discusses the definition of rehabilitation in terms of sentence, suspension, parole, amnesty and difference from contemporary procedures. The book then moves to discuss the historical development of rehabilitation indicating its roots that originates from Roman laws, and when this concept were included in the French law it was intended to remove the disgrace of the felon when punishment were enforced in public, thus, the procedures of rehabilitation were concluded in public, or just limited to the reinstatement of eligibility for the felon - after the loss of eligibility upon the verdict of guilt. The book also refers to the position of Islamic Sharia on rehabilitation. And then explains the general rules of rehabilitation, where the book shows the position of rehabilitation in criminal legislations, the time required to rehabilitation, and rehabilitation in practice. The book also addresses legal provisions and legislations of rehabilitation, explaining their types, conditions, and procedures requested by the judiciary. In conclusion, the book answers the question of (Does rehabilitation eliminates the problem of the previously convicted felons?) through the study of the history of the convicted felons in the Arab Republic of Egypt.