The Role of the Citizen in Preventing The Crime and Deviation

دور المواطن في الوقاية من الجريمة والانحراف / المركز العربي للدراسات الأمنية والتدريب.

عمر التومي الشيباني ; Omar Toumi Shaibani and others (1993)


The crime in its social concept is considered all the acts in which have violated the systems and values of society, in other word; the crime is any behavior against society, or any act that is contradicting with the spirit and principals of the society. This book contains a group of topics that revolve around the role of the citizen in preventing the crime and deviation. First, the book talks about the educator, media man and religious advisor, and their individual role in preventing crime and deviation, the book also clarifies the principal of crime, deviation and behavior deviation, and shows the importance to work on preventing the crime and deviation, and the success requirements of “the prevention policy” in society. And then, the book moves to the topic of immunizing the citizen himself morally, religiously and culturally in order to face crime and deviation and preventing them, for the book shows that the correct socialization in the first stages of growth in the family and school, works on immunizing one’s self due to the plenty corruption in the society. After that, the book addresses the crime justice system and the role of the judger and jurist in facing the crime and preventing it, as the book deals with the crime justice system principal, the book mentions the bases the system is based on, the goal taken from this system and the guarantees and specifications the system must has. The book also deals with the role of coordinating between the efforts and activities of the citizens without taking into account their professions, and deals with the role of Arabic family coherence, and that is the role of the father and mother in preventing the crime and deviation. Finally, the discussion indicates that the participation of the citizen in the social volunteering work increases the prevention of crime and deviation. Also the social and humanity relationships in the living area and what these relationships include of solidarity and interdependence, all this things increase the prevention of crime and deviation.