The role of media in youth guidance

دور الإعلام في توجيه الشباب : أبحاث الندوة / المركز العربي للدراسات الأمنية والتدريب.

راشد شريف وغيرهم ; Rashid Sharif and others (1987)


Human societies are living in the media and communications era, in all kinds and differences in what they display, functions and the efficiency of these functions and their impacts on the whole human societies. This book contains a group of subjects which talk about the media role of guiding young people. In the beginning, it addresses the media role in consolidation of the important values in the Islamic and Arab society; the amusement of media and its role in fill the young people spare time. Then it reviews the media attitude of the challenge between modern civilization and Arab young people, and the media role of enhancing youth ambitions and meeting their needs. Next, the book discusses the relationship between media and public service programs of youth, clarifying the necessity of presenting all the data, articles, pictures, programs and movies by the media which enhance the young people devotion to technology and modern science for the nation’s good and development. The book also talks about impacts of violence in media on young people such as: increasing aggressiveness, murder and manslaughter crimes and causing mental illnesses. Finally, it reviews the media responsibility towards imitation in the modern Arab society and what is behind the satellite TV shows for young people.