Operative Law of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on the Use of Fake Passport

جريمة استعمال الجواز المزور في نظام المملكة العربية السعودية / سعد بن محمد الجمعة.

الجمعة، سعد بن محمد ; Sad M. Al-Juma (2003)


The present book represents an endeavor to reflect the danger associated with the use of forged or fake passport. This crime, asserts the author of the book, is both recurrent and frequent in our age. The book, as a whole, expounds on the following topics: - General Framework of Study. - Previous Studies. - Analytical Study on Some Verdicts Involving Penal Action. - Findings of the Study. The study, in its conclusive section, incorporates some recommendations of vital importance to the security personnel of pertinent organs. The latter are, in the large part, working with issues of travel, immigration, and fake documents.