International Changes and Their Impact On the Arab Security

المتغيرات الدولية وانعكاساتها على الأمن العربي / سيد شوربجي عبد المولى.

عبد المولى، سيد شوربجي ; Sayed Shobejii Abdel Mawla (1992)


In the recent period, the world is witnessing a set of changes and important-dangerous shifts that affected and still affecting the international economical and political systems, and the relationships between the countries, the most important changes are the shifts the Soviet Union and European countries have witnessed and the appearance of the united European economically. This approach analyzes the effects of changes and the new mechanisms of the global capitalist system on the Arabic economic security. The book also deals with the beginning of the Arabic economic security, as it clarifies its principals, various fields, challenges and the dangers that threaten the entity of the Arabic security. The author then deals with the economic crisis of the global capitalist and its impact on the Arabic security, as the book talks about the features of the crisis and its causes, and clarifies its impacts on the Arabic political, social and economical situations. After that the study addresses the mechanism of the international system and its effect on the Arabic security, as it clarifies the birth and the features of the new international system, and the strategy of the international companies and cooperative Arabic projects, plus, the dept and food crises and their effect on the Arabic security. The book also focuses on the international shifts in west and east Europe, such as the appearance of the united Europe in 1992 A.D, and the shifts in the Soviet Union and east Europe and their effect on the Arabic Security. Finally, it deals with the topic of gulf and Arabic security crisis, and the future prospects of the Arabic security, as the book displays the role of each of the interdependence Arabic development, establishing a new Arabic economical system and the Arabic economical cooperation to enhance the Arabic security.