Violence among the Algerian high school students

العنف لدى التلاميذ في المدارس الثانوية الجزائرية / فوزي أحمد بن دريدي.

ابن دريدي، فوزي أحمد ; Fawzi Ahmed Draidi (2007)


Violence has increased in the Algerian society and led to the appearance of the terrorism phenomenon and extremism. This has led to the appearance of some violent acts like stealth, suicide, suicide attempts, hitting, curs, drugs and alcohol taking and cigarettes smoking. These have expanded in a special domain in the Algerian Educational institution. This study focuses the light specifically on violence in the high school phase in Algeria. It aims at limiting the spread size of this phenomenon, and aims at studying the sociological elements that lead to students’ violence in addition to students’ opinions about school violence. This book includes seven chapters. The first chapter includes entrance to this study like: problem, aims, and the study sample. The second chapter exhibits the conceptual frame and the research phenomenon. The researcher has attempted to specify the major and the neighboring concepts of the study within procedural and linguistically texts. The researcher also exhibited the most important sociological and psychological theories that presented interpretations to the deviation in general in the Algerian educational system with its role in controlling the student’s behavior through analyzing the contents of the most important school subjects that aim at building a reference base for controlling the students’ behavior. The fourth chapter talks about the most important elements that form violence and the impacts it leaves on the social, scholar and family sectors. The fifth chapter shows the most important previous studies and divides them to: Algerian, Arab and western to get the advantage form them in this study. The sixth chapter includes the approach frame of the study with the questions. Lastly the seventh chapter which includes the data analyses and the results reached in the study.