After-Care for the Released Prisoner in Islamic Legislation and Modern Criminal Law: A Comparative Study

الرعاية اللاحقة للمفرج عنهم في التشريع الإسلامي والجنائي المعاصر

عبد الله بن ناصر بن عبد الله السدحان ; Abdullah bin Nasir Al-Sadhan (2006)


The present book tends to affirm the importance assigned to the after-care required for the released prisoner. It stresses that Islamic Sharia (legislation) advocates many after-care measures which contemporary international organizations are calling for. The book, as a whole, expounds on the following subjects: - Basic Foundations in the After-Care Phase of the Released Prisoner. - Islamic View of After-Care Phase. - Vocational Skills among Officials Executing After-Care Program. - Arab-International Models of After-Care of the Released Prisoner. - After-Care Phase of the Released Prisoner in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The present book, in its concluding section, suggests salient tasks that the Committee on After-Care Released Prisoners should undertake. These are in order: - Conducting academic studies on prisons and the programs extended to prisoners and their families. - Developing programs offered to prisoners. - Suggesting possible alternatives to imprisonment. - Action on providing permanent financial resources for sustaining programs launched by the Committee. - Developing programs offered to the families of prisoners and the released. - Actions on working adequate mechanism to ensure jobs for the released prisoners.