Sexual Crimes

الجرائم الجنسية / علي الحوات.

الحوات، علي ; Ali Al - Hawat (1997)



Sexual offenses are considered crimes against persons, and are therefore more serious than those directed against the funds and properties. They also threaten human rights and penetrate his privacy and make him vulnerable to many of the social and psychological impacts in both its self-relational dimensions. This study sheds light on the dimensions and causes of sexual offenses in the Arab world. It aims to identify the social factors and conditions and other data from the Arab environment that produce or assist in the emergence and growth of deviations and sexual offenses in the Arab world. The researcher displays the beginning of some theoretical directions to explain the phenomenon of sexual offenses, including the identification of the features of the teachings of Islamic Sharia and its position towards this phenomenon. It also defines the concept of sex and sexuality and the classification of sexual offenses in the Arab world with reference to the legal position of these crimes, and then links the processes of development and modernization to the problem of sexual offenses, which analyzes the relationship between development and modernization and between the size and nature of the problem of sexual offenses in the Arab world. In conclusion, the reader is transferred to the real world of sex offenses in the Arab world, trying to identify some of its models and patterns, referring to the sexual deviations, which began to appear in the Arab society today. He also formulates the prospects and future features in the world of sex offenses in the light of developments in the Arab cultural and social reality, with some suggestions and recommendations that would address and combat the sexual offenses, or at least mitigate its harmful direct and indirect effects on the individual, family and society in the Arab world, based on the methods and entrances to combat and treat these crimes.