Vocational Specialization in the Realm of After-Care

التخصص المهني في مجال الرعاية اللاحقة / معن خليل العمر.

عمر، معن خليل ; Ma'an Khalil Al-Omar. (2006)


All in all, the present book represents an endeavour to emphasize the need for more attention to be extended to the prisoners in the after-care phase. As an expression of such care, priority is to be assigned to the vocational specializations. This is considered a decisive step towards the development of correctional policy both inside and outside correctional institutions. As a whole, the present book comprises the following subjects: - After-Care of Released: Concepts, Patterns; Essentials; Objectives and Means of Realization. - After-Care Areas: A. Social Rehabilitation; B. Vocational Rehabilitation; C. Religious Counseling; D. Psychological Counseling; E. Educational Rehabilitation; and F. Recreational Rehabilitation. In order to provide momentum to developmental phases and eventual specialization in the broad area of after-care for the released, the following points should be included: A. Collecting personal data about the inmate; B. Educating and rehabilitating the inmates; C. Providing primary counseling and direction; D. Providing care for the inmate family; E. Preparing for the release of the inmate; F. Detailed counseling and direction; G. Providing inmates with documents and recommendations; and H. Integrating the released completely with the free community.