The Modern Trends in Crime Prevention

الاتجاهات الحديثة للوقاية من الجريمة / مصطفى العوجي.

العوجي، مصطفى ; Mustafa Al-Owaji (1987)


The protection of crime is number one in nations’ priorities, since stability of life, economic improvement and social growth depend on the citizen’s safety of his life, money and proprieties, and because crime is a direct threaten to this safety, which requires protection of crime and also prevents it. This books talks about crime from a protecting prospective which fights the crime on a different base from the traditional pattern of the related thinking about crime and penalty. In the beginning, it deals with the methodical transformation of crime protection, pointing to the orients growth in different societies that they are described by the methodical transformation to execute a protection policy based on a realistic data provided by the criminal researches and also on inventing new methods of protection. Then, it talks about improving the traditional protection methods by the modern legislation orients which has to do with protection and the modern orient to improve the criminal justice system which includes; improving the police system and tasks, improving the judicial system and tasks and improving the penalty organizations and their tasks. Next, it deals with dropping some traditional methods and go toward the general and the special protection methods. Finally, it talks about the national and the international cooperation for crime protection, where it clarifies the different levels of this cooperation which include; unification of the criminal legislations, security cooperation, improving the security men skills and the criminal justice systems, improving the criminal researches, organizing national and international conferences and seminars, organizing national councils of ministers and specialized scientific centers.