Methods of Strengthening Credibility between Security and Arab Media Channel

سبل تدعيم الثقة بين الأجهزة الأمنية والإعلامية العربية / أديب محمد خضور.

خضور، أديب محمد ; Adeeb M. Khaddur (2006)



The present work comes within the framework of studies and research papers conducted by Naif Arab University for Security Sciences on integrative interaction between security organs and Arab media. Relevant studies have confirmed that security organs can serve as a permanent reliable reference for media agencies through providing the media with the data and information as well as documented facts necessary for a reliable coverage. As a whole, the following themes are expounded: - Interaction Problems between Security Personnel and Society; - Problems Emerging from the Interaction between Media Personnel and Society; - Interaction Problems between Security and Arab Media Personnel; - Eradicating Impediments that Obstruct Cooperation Between Security and Media Personnel. The book has recommended the articulation of a general strategy on the interaction process between security and media personnel.