Techniques on Developing Training Programs and Curricula Against Modern Crimes

أساليب تطوير البرامج والمناهج التدريبية لمواجهة الجرائم المستحدثة / عبد الله عبد العزيز اليوسف.

اليوسف، عبد الله بن عبد العزيز ; Abdullah A.Aziz Al-Yousaf (2004)


As a whole, the present book represents a modest contribution rendered by the Naif Arab University for Security Sciences on articulating developmental techniques related to curricula and other academic programs countering modern crimes. Underlying this contribution is the implicit intent of the University to function within the broader context of recent technological innovations. All in all, the book amplifies following topics of salience: A.Patterns of Modern Crimes; B.Security Education in Arab Countries; C.Security Training in Arab Countries; D.Models of Training Programs; E.Development Mechanisms on Security Curricula and Training Programs; and F.Model on Training Curricula and Programs in Security Colleges.