Fighting Khat in Somalia

مكافحة القات في الصومال : دراسة تبعية / غريب محمد سيد أحمد.

أحمد، غريب محمد سيد ; Syed Ahmed Gharib (1985)


The excessive usage of Khat damages the individuals’ heath, but its social and economic damages occur of spending their income to satisfy their needs of Khat, along with decrease of their productivity and the neglecting of their families. Taking Khat is considered as an issue which has an economic, social, health and psychological effects require a serious consideration. This book talks about fighting Khat in Somalia. It aims to clarify the Somali government responsibilities concerning fighting Khat, and what are the requirements to fight Khat so they can be done perfectly. In the beginning, it presents the dimension of Khat and its anesthetic effects, and its social and economic dimensions to fight taking Khat in Somalia. The book reviews fighting Khat policies and strategies where as discussing the social and the cultural contexts of the national policies of fighting Khat, the historical background of fighting Khat policy in Somalia, contents of “prevention of dealing with Khat role” and its execution procedures, the national coordination and its mechanisms and the international efforts to fight Khat. Finally, the book presents experiences of some nations and the sociological specialized studies of drugs in general and Khat in particular, as an attempt to provide a framework for the social policy to fight Khat, as well as the programs of this policy, in addition to a criticized demonstration of the used legislations.