Combating Crime In The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

مكافحة الجريمة في المملكة العربية السعودية / خالد بن سعود البشر.

البشر، خالد بن سعود ; Khaled bin Saud Al-Bashar (2001)


The Government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is doing a lot of efforts to fight against the crime on all scales and levels, as it tries to touch the factors and reasons behind the phenomenon of crime, and it is working on control it with different methods and means, which are taken from the system of the Islam law in order to achieve its goals. This book focuses on fighting the crime in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. And aims to know the explanation of: the crime in Islamic law and its types, the role of Islamic law in building the behavioral and essential structure of the individual, and the effect of this structure in fighting the crime, the impact of social measures and types of penalties in the Islamic system to fight the crime, the nature of the crime and how the social fight against the crime is done in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The book also tends to stop on the nature of the Saudi community, and showing the most important factors that affect it. In the beginning, the author talks about the crime in the Sharia and law, clarifying the explanation of the crime phenomenon, and the types of crimes in the Islamic law and status law. Then he moves to talk about the topic of essential and behavioral building, showing its effect in fighting the crime, as he discusses the effect of faith, worshipping, atonement, inculcating good values and moral education to fight the crimes. Finally, the book displays the reality of the crime in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the methods to fight it, and the role of the government devices in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.