Pickpocket Phenomenon and Its Social Effect

ظاهرة النشل وآثارها الاجتماعية / جامعة نايف العربية للعلوم الأمنية، مدينة تدريب الأمن العام.

Mostafa Mohammad Bitar and others (2009)



Pickpocket crime is considered as one of the crimes against people to steal money, it is one of the pictures to steal money owned by others, and it is traditionally known to call the word (Twitch) on this kind of crimes where the thief uses his hand quickly and lightly to steal the money from the victim from his pocket for example, or between the folds of the clothing without him knowing. This book contains a group of working papers to a number of researchers that have been discussed in a seminar called “ phenomenon of twitching and its social effects”. Where he addressed the concept and the nature of pickpocket crime, its pictures, attributes, legal characteristics, how the Islamic law deals with it, and to know the size and the trends of this phenomenon in the Arabic communities, its economical and social effects. This book focuses on the role of the government and not government institutions to reduce this phenomenon, and the effect of the media awareness in reduce it. The work papers in this book come under the following titles: - Pickpocket crimes, its concept, and its features in the laws ordinance. - Uniqueness of the Islamic law methods in dealing with the pickpocket phenomenon. - The social effects implicated on the pickpocket phenomenon. - The economical effects implicated on the pickpocket phenomenon. - The psychological and social effects for the pickpocket phenomenon in the Hajj and Umrah. - The media awareness and its effect to prevent the pickpocket phenomenon.