Recidivism to Addiction in the Arab Society

ظاهرة العود للإدمان في المجتمع العربي / عبد العزيز بن علي الغريب.

عبد العزيز بن علي الغريب ; Abdul Aziz Bin Ali Al-Gharib (2006)


The present study represents a serious endeavor to investigate and explore the phenomenon of reverting to addiction in the Arab society. It projects multiple strides made to cure the maladies associated with addiction. Also, it is enriched with incorporation of pertinent Islamic values. Further, it suggests the need to consolidate and deepen both religious and social awareness as a curative measure against addiction. Finally, it stresses the importance of preparing security-oriented programs that should be presented through media channels to convince addicts of the dangers of reverting to addiction once they are cured. The present study tackles important issues _____ concept of addiction, recidivism to addiction and drugs abuse; addictive substances; relative attention given by pertinent Arab agencies to the phenomenon of addiction; and explanatory theories on addiction. The study, in its conclusive passages, offers some recommendations. The most salient are: 1. Based on the suggested concepts and views amplified in the present book, a curative program for the addicts should be developed. 2. Viewed in the context of the findings yielded by the present work a program on preventive methods against addiction should be developed. 3. There is dire need to form a program that may contribute to the rehabilitation of addicts to the point that they prove assets to the community. 4. Social problems of the families should be tackled. 5. Some existing social concepts should be changed. In particular, the conception on finding useful jobs for people returning to, or recovering from addiction should be changed. 6. Leisure time of the youth should be consumed in constructive programs. 7. The role of private societies working in the broad area of combating addiction should be promoted.