Protecting Persons and Property from Robbery

حماية الأشخاص والممتلكات من السرقة / جورج جوس ؛ ترجمة سعيد العلمي قدورة.

جوس، جورج ; George Goss (1994)



The prevention of crime depends on many ways, one of those ways looks for the motives to commit the crime, another one looks for the situations that help of prevent committing the crime. Stealing is considered a forbidden act in any value system, so much that it became a main element when it comes to forbidden acts in any international value system, or in the values agreed upon by religious or philosophical trends. Stealing is forbidden in all religions. This book focuses on the topic of protecting persons and property from robbery. In the beginning, the author talks about security and crime, as he clarifies the types of criminal acts committed against different persons and properties, and the motives of those acts. He also displays the dangers arising from those crimes, and the security principals concerning this matter. The author then moves to talk about property protecting, and that of auto-sensing, as he displays the heavy equipment used in protection, lamination and strengthen elements, locks and doors, primary principals for sensing equipment, alarm control panel and its parts, and sensing devices. Then he talks about people’s protection, indicating the principal of people’s protection, protection devices, main principals of features of individual, windows monitoring and protection method. Finally, he addresses the security system or (Warnings Central Administration), and introduces an entrance to the security system, by it he discusses the technical methods for messages transferring, and the methods used in the security system that specialized protecting persons and property from robbery.