Money laundering Crimes in Sharia and Modern Law

جرائم غسل الأموال في ضوء الشريعة والقانون / أحمد بن سليمان صالح الربيش.

الربيش، أحمد بن سليمان صالح ; Ahmad Suleman Al-Rabish (2004)



The book, as a whole, represents an illuminating presentation on crimes related to money laundering. Both competitive standpoints _____ Islamic vs. modern _____ are amply incorporated. All in all, the book sheds light on multiple subjects of crucial importance _____ definition of money laundering; concept of wealth as conceived by Sharia jurists; typology of wealth as explained by Sharia jurists; and the methods of procuring illicit earnings. Included in the latter, four forms are salient. These are as under: 1. Drugs and narcotics trade; 2. Trafficking in women, children and sale of human organs; 3. Trade counterfeit currency; and 4. Trade in weapons and ammunition The author, in final sections, provides details on some other subjects _____ utilizing illegal (haram) earnings; utilizing (illegal) haram earnings for sinful and malicious causes; damages associated with laundering illicit earnings. In its conclusive paragraphs, the author expounds on the variety of methods that assist in encountering illegal sources of earnings.