Smuggling Crimes in the Arab World

جرائم التهريب في الوطن العربي / تنظيم المركز العربي للدراسات الأمنية والتدريب.

زهير الزبيدي ; Zuhair Al-Zubaidi and others (1988)


Countries are suffering from smuggling crimes. Smuggling is accompanied to the restrictions on people and materials across the official borders, and because these restrictions are economic and security control requirements, smuggling was the alternative because of the dissatisfaction of citizens of the restrictions procedures or a small corrupted group tries to be above the law to gain money faster illegally. This book contains several subjects about smuggling in the Arab World. It talks in the beginning about identifying the smuggling crimes in the Arab World, clarifying its elements, reasons and penalties. Then it discusses the followed methods of smuggling such as trucks, packages, cars, containers, luggage and even people. Next, it reviews the cooperation and the coordination to prevent smuggling in the Arab world, where it discusses the media and field cooperation which include persuading, searching and extradition. Finally, the book addresses smuggling drugs and it clarifies characteristics of drugs crimes, methods of smuggling and methods of prevention. It also clarifies the borders force in preventing smuggling by controlling the borders guarding, coast guarding, fishers observing, setting specific areas to enter the sea for fishing and inspection all means of transportation; by land, sea and air.