Marine Piracy and the Security of Arab Navigation

القرصنة البحرية وأمن الملاحة العربية / المركز العربي للدراسات الأمنية والتدريب.

القائد بهجت عبد الله ; Bahjat Abdulla commander and others (1990)


In the past few years appeared the problem of marine piracy that everyone thought it did not exist except in legends and myths. This problem was faced mainly by Arab marine navigation up seas or in the regional waters of some Arab countries affecting either individuals or commercial products. The researchers start the study with the definition of marine piracy, its forms in the ancient and modern eras, its goals, differentiating between marine piracy, revolutionary actions and international terrorism, showing also the legal actions against marine pirates. Other laws discussed are those governing the commercial marine navigation, their properties, how to unify these laws and the dangers that the shipped commodities are subject to. The researchers also talk about applying the marine navigation laws in the Arab world and worldwide giving a glimpse of the regional waters, straits, and marine pathways. They then broach the effect of marine piracy on the Arabic security and its associated dangers, in addition to the strategic location of the Arab world and its effect on international and Arab navigation, mentioning the Islamic Jihad against the western piracy in the Arab seas and the traditions of naval forces. The study ends with the importance of marine shipping and transport, the phenomenon of marine piracy, the procedures of international resistance, as well as the roles of port management and preparations.