Problems That Face Border Protection

المشكلات التي تواجه حماية الحدود

علي السعيد إبراهيم عبد الرسول ; Ali alsaid Ibrahim Abdul Rasool and others (1994)



Countries have dedicated high priorities to border issues for several fundamental reasons most importantly - that such protection is directly linked to the rule of law and the sovereignty of the state. This book presents a range of topics that revolves around the problems facing the border protection. This book discusses the impact of border problems on the national security by addressing the issue of international borders, smuggling and the problem of refugees. The book then moves to discuss the issue of drug smuggling across the border by explaining the global attitude toward illicit trafficking in narcotic drugs, clarifying that most of the drugs available in the Arab market are smuggled from outside the Arab region, the current status of the drug problem in the Arab region, international cooperation against illicit drugs smuggling, political & practical obstacles facing the process of anti-drugs smuggling. This book also addresses the most important problems facing the anti-smuggling authorities represented in: delivery, surveillance and continuous pursuit. The book then deals with the roles and duties of the Frontier Corps and Coast Guards in securing the state border, where it discusses the factors that influence the security of the state border which included: geographical factors, political factors, economic factors, area of the state and the length of political borders, population density in the state and in border areas and the availability of modern facilities. The book shows that the purpose of allocating border troops is to secure the borders of the state and to impose its complete sovereignty over the border, also shows that the armed forces discharge this duty in wartime. In conclusion, the book provides an optimal vision of volume, size and distribution of border guards.