Motives of Murder in the Arab countries

الدافع إلى ارتكاب جريمة القتل في الوطن العربي / عبد الله معاوية.

معاوية، عبد الله ; Abdullah Muawiyah (1990)


Sharia and man –made laws both strictly penalize the crime of murder in the purpose to preserve human life, and if murder was not self- defense then the study of the motive remains an academic issue. This book highlights the topic of murder motives in the Arab countries. Where it classifies these motives into four basic categories, some of which refer to the speed at which a person resorts to physical violence in some cases, for trivial reasons, and some related to illegal practices related to sex and honor defense, and some related to morals and dignity, and some related to economic factors such as money and property. The book also discusses the factors leading to murder, where the book limits these factors to: psychological, environmental, cultural and economical. The book shows results and outcomes from the study of police files in some Arab countries such as Jordan, Sudan and Yemen; some of the important results were: the percentage of the crime of murder were the highest in Sudan, followed by Yemen then Jordan, perhaps the main reason for such high results in Sudan were the civil war. Murders in Jordan reaches high levels in June, July and August due to the intensity of social life and the heavy contact between citizens during this period as a result of the extension of the day, school holidays and the return of citizens who resides outside the country, finally, these results indicates that the most common tools of murder were: knives, sharp devices, lifting devices and firearms.