Social Aspects of the Addiction Phenomenon -Second Part

الجوانب الاجتماعية لظاهرة الإدمان / السيد متولي العشماوي.

العشماوي، السيد متولي ; Al-Sayed Metwally Al-Ashmawi (1993)



The phenomenon of depending on the synthetic drugs has a true threat on the communities this phenomenon is spreading in, due to its huge effect on every form of the economical and social activities and its effect on the human element from the social, psychological, mental and health aspects. This book seeks to know the social aspects of the phenomenon of depending on the synthetic drugs, to stop on the effects of these aspects in pushing the individuals to addiction. The author also seeks to know the different corporal, mental, psychological, social and economical effects caused by the adoption of some individuals to these drugs. In addition, the book seeks to know the extent to which the integrated team is doing its role in treating the patients in general, and the social specialist in particular, in order to realize the elements that effect on the efficiency and effectiveness of this role. In the light of this, the discussion displays the results of social survey to study the phenomenon of depending on synthetic drugs according to the field study included in the book, which contained the geographical scope of the research, social and personal characteristics of the community’s research, and the special characteristics for depending on the abuse of synthetic drugs. The study also clarifies the social reasons that cause drug abuse and the relation of depending on synthetic drugs with each of the sexual activity, work and production, criminal behavior, religious behavior and treatment.