Identification of Typewriter Fonts

التعرف على خطوط الآلات الكاتبة القديمة التقليدية والحديثة العصرية

نصار، أنور عبد الحميد ; Anwar Abdel Hamid Nassar. ([1990])


The typewriter industry underwent huge breakthroughs, where many advanced typewriters have been produced that are much more superior in function than older ones. This development had a great effect in rushing of organizations and institutions in using electronic typewriters. This study is about identifying the fonts of typewriters. It starts with a historical view of the Latin typewriter, the Arabic and the bilingual one showing the features of each of them, their components parts, how to use them and their mechanism, in addition to shortcuts to Arabic letters. The researcher then moves to explaining the general Arabic guide for fonts of old traditional and new modern typewriters, in addition to their categories from the general guide (Index of Letters), the specified guide and the information guide. The researcher also explains the rules of examining a typewriter font dividing them into 3 categories; the first concerned with the features of the style in terms of the shape and size of the letter, the letter spacing, the line spacing, while the second is concerned with the special characteristics and flaws of the letter on its printing, and the third is concerned with the special features of the writer himself, and how he deletes the letters, whether chemically, automatically, effacement or by insertion, estimating the life of the cartridges, the state of the wire, and the fuelling of the letters by extension. In the end, the researcher presents an illustrated general guide for typewriters of different types.