Internet and Its Role in the Spread of Drugs

الإنترنت ودوره في انتشار المخدرات

عيد، محمد فتحي ; Mohammad Fathi Id (2003)



The present book provides an in-depth discussion on the abuse of Internet for illicit trade of drugs and psychedelic narcotics. The book, as a whole, expounds on the following topics: - Internet: Its Nature and Services. - Internet: Easy Access of Drugs. - Internet: Illicit Plants Producing Drugs. - Internet: Manufacturing Illicit Psychedelic Narcotics. - Internet: Security and Judicial Cooperation. The book, in its conclusive pages, has recorded some recommendations. Among the latter, the most salient are as under: 1. General standard of awareness should be elevated, particularly among parents and teachers. This should concern with messages sent through Internet to encourage narcotic usage. 2. Adequate legislations should be promulgated that bear consonance to the settings of each Arab country. This should cover the broad domain of drugs – taking.