Arab Media Mechanisms on Prevention of Fraud-Related Crimes: Saudi Press as Model

الآليات الإعلامية العربية للوقاية من جرائم الاحتيال : الصحافة السعودية نموذجا / سعود بن عبد العزيز آل رشود.

آل رشود، سعود بن عبد العزيز ; .Saud bin Abdul Aziz Al-Saud (2006)


On the whole, the present work represents a part of the series that Naif Arab University for Security Sciences has published in the broad area of fraud-related crimes. The avowed intent of the book is to suggest ways and means of countering such crimes and controlling their repercussions. The book incorporates some highlight suggestive techniques that Arab media should employ to combat fraud-related crimes. Such techniques, the book stresses, tend to assure security and stability through spreading public awareness and unmasking fraudulent activities in the age of globalization with the object of safeguarding the national economy and guarding against crime and deviance. The present work, in sum, comprises the following subjects: - Highlights on Socio-Cultural Variables of the Saudi Society; -Theory on Media and Mass Communication; - Social Theory and Fraud-Related Crimes; - Role of Government and Private Bodies in Handling Fraud-Related Crimes; - Geographical Framework of Subjects on Fraud-Related Crimes Covered by Saudi Press; - Presentation of Fraud-Related Crimes in Saudi Press; - Style of Writing Used in Printing Fraud-Related Crimes; - Headlines Used by Saudi Press in Presenting Fraud-Related Crimes. The book, in its conclusive section, offers some recommendations. The following stand prominent 1. Ample attention should be given in awareness programs to fellow-nationals on the dangers associated with fraud-related crimes. This should be transmitted through all the news media. 2. Equal attention should be given to securing adequate information, through news media in order to consolidate public awareness and develop and enhance the knowledge of citizens.