Airports Security

أمن المطارات / إعداد إلهي اشتياق.

إشتياق، إلهي ; Elahi Eshteiaq (1982)



Arabic Language Airports Security is becoming an important issue, because of the increasing of air piracy incidents, which use a number of tricks and methods, and this requires actions for safety and fluency of air traffic, as well as to increase the efficiency of the airport traffic. This book talks about Airport Security. It deals with the reasons of hijacking; it also delivers specific recommendations, orientations and policies about the necessary security procedures to face such incidents. The book points to the declining of hijacking because of the restricted inspections and sorting of suspected people. It also shows three general ideas related to the inspection process before getting on board, first; the cleaned junction which finds a central point for inspection in the beginning of each junction which can serve several gates where X-Ray can be used to inspect the luggage. Second, the boarding area to the cleaned plane, it’s considered as an alternative arrangement when the cleaned junction is not practical, and it’s distinguished by the inspection and sorting are done upon the travelers’ arrival to the exit gate to the plane. Third, the passengers’ sorting at the exit gate to the plane, the traveler who is spotted by the metal detector should go aside for further inspections where every metal object can be removed then go through the metal detector again. In addition to the previous, the book clarifies the security in dealing with luggage, how to handle a bomb threats, emergency plans and training the plane crew to cope with the emergency situations.