Techniques Used for Criminal Inquiry on Crime Prevention

أساليب البحث الجنائي في الوقاية من الجريمة / محجوب حسن سعد.

سعد، محجوب حسن ; M. Hassan Sad (2003)


The present book represents an earnest endeavor to shed light on the scientific techniques employed by the police, assuming criminal inquiry assignment, to ensure crime prevention. Also, it presents a correct concept associated with crime detection tools. The book, as a whole, expounds on the following subjects: -Definition of Criminal Inquiry. -Comparison Between Police Patrols and Criminal Inquiry Personnel. -Techniques Used in Criminal Inquiry to Ensure Crime Prevention. The book, in its conclusive section, records some recommendations. Among the latter, the following stand prominent: - It is advisable to impart training to police, in general, and criminal inquiry personnel, in particular, on handling the exigencies and requisites of the passing age. - There should be constant cooperation between police and general institutions on exchange of security information. This will promote endeavors directed to maintain control over crime. - Special legislations should be formulated to ensure sustainable crime prevention.