Applications of DNA Techniques in Investigations and Forensic Medicine

تطبيقات تقنية البصمة الوراثية D.N.A. في التحقيق والطب الشرعي

الجندي، إبراهيم صادق ; الحصيني، حسين حسن حسين (2002)



The present book represents a part of the series that he Naif Arab University for Security Sciences has contributed towards its conscious stride to make use of modern technologies in the twin areas of forensic medicine and criminal investigation. Among the latter, focus of attention is given on the use of DNA. As a whole, the present book expounds on the following subjects: -Biological Impact and Technical Evidence -DNA and Genetic Prints -DNA Techniques -Applications of DNA Techniques. -Analytical View of DNA Techniques The importance of the present study stems from the relative importance of the subject under research.