Criminal Justice and Crime Prevention "Comparative Study”

العدالة الجنائية ومنع الجريمة : دراسة مقارنة / محمد الأمين البشري.

البشري، محمد الأمين ; Mohammad A l– Amen Al - Bishri (1997)



Different opinions and conflicting theories about criminal justice as a means to achieve the prevention of crime as a goal and end exist. The reasons for the dispute is due to the absence of agreement on the concept of criminal justice and the concept of crime prevention. This study sheds light on the subject of criminal justice and its role in crime prevention. The researcher speaks at the beginning about the issue of criminal justice, as they are known, explain and compares them, and shows its systems with particular reference to the criminal justice system in some of the developed countries. It also examines the relationship between the criminal justice system, the criminal, crime and its causes on the one hand and sustained by the crime and the financial costs on the other. Then he deals with clarification of the relationship between criminal justice and crime prevention as crime is a human behavior that represents the peak of the injustice and the negation of justice in all its comprehensive concept. He also provides a description of the criminal policies, crime prevention strategies and components of plans to address the problem of crime such as a search of criminal along with other criminal provision of information relating to crime as a social phenomenon. Addition to the foregoing, it places the general objectives of the criminal justice and the prevention of the threat of crime, and address its adverse effects, as based on covering the proposed means of scientific and realistic policies commensurate with the capabilities of developing societies and based on international and regional cooperation in particular, especially that the crime elements and influences knows no spatial or temporal bounds. In conclusion, he provides a definition of the criminal justice system and crime prevention in the Sudan as a model for criminal justice systems in developing countries.