A scale for the evaluation of ego strengths according to Eric Eriksson's theory

مقياس فاعليات الأنا : مقياس لتقييم نمو فاعليات الأنا من منظور أريك أريكسون / حسين عبد الفتاح الغامدي.

الغامدي، حسين بن حسن بن عبد الفتاح ; Husain Abdul Fattah Al-Ghamdi (2010)



This book presents a brief account of the analytical background of Eriksson's theory of ego strengths in order to help the reader to fully understand its theoretical background and methods of applying it. It also gives an accurate definition of its most important axioms and hypotheses highlighting ego strengths in view of the fact that they are the theoretical background used as the basis for the scale. The book also examines the scale from a western and Arab perspective concentrating on their main psychometric properties – as well as presenting the results of codifying the Arab version.