Modern Methods for Police Officers Training

الأساليب الحديثة في تدريب رجال الشرطة / محمد شريف إسماعيل.

إسماعيل، محمد شريف. ; Mohammad Sharif Ismail (1992)


Police service reach to its highest levels when police officers receives special training which aims to indicate if the police officer can carry out his or her duties smoothly and easily, and in a manner that ensures the safety and satisfaction of both the police officer and the public. This can be achieved through the development of skills and abilities to ensure that every action is automatically and naturally done with minimal physical or mental efforts. This book highlights the modern techniques used in the training of police officers. It reviews the historical development of the police force in several countries of the world such as West Germany, England, France and the United States of America. It also follows the evolution of Egyptian police in a number of stages which included: the stage of British occupation, post-revolution stage, and modern stage. The study then moves to talk about the scientific basis for training, where it discusses the fundamental axes of training to face cases of security crises, and methods of theoretical and practical training, stages of trainers and trainees selection. Also deals with the foundations of training in Egypt, where it discusses the current training plan for police officers which included: police officers training plan, general police training plan, training for promotion, refreshment training, specialized training. In conclusion, this approach discusses the methods of police training in Egypt and its obstacles, these obstacles included: hierarchism of the training plan then the transfer of these levels, lack of integration in the training programs, lack of interest from officials in the police process of training and the focusing on the appearance instead of the essence, and the continuation of the typical services which deprive the spirit and value of the security plan.