An Introduction to Public and Human Relations

مدخل إلى العلاقات العامة والإنسانية / علي بن فايز الجحني.

الجحني, علي بن فايز ; Ali Faiz Al-Jahni (2006)


As a whole, the present book represents an endeavor to project the importance that “public relations” carry in human interactions. Public relations now-a-days are not just one of the contemporary arts or sciences. Rather, they represent the most important art of contemporary mass communication which seeks to win the satisfaction and approval of others through logical reasoning and convincing rationales. The book tackles the following topics: - Nature of Public Relations; - Nature of Human Relations; - Security Media and Public Opinion; - Public Relations and Public Opinion; - Public Relations and Media Theories; - Public Relations and Political Systems; - Public Relations during Crises; and - Public Relations and Security. In substance, the present book offers a suggested model to asses relative contributions associated with public relations in any institution or organization through the use of checklists.