The Security Culture: Lectures of the Fourth Cultural Season.

الثقافة الأمنية : سلسلة محاضرات الموسم الثقافي الرابع / المركز العربي للدراسات الأمنية والتدريب.

الرياض) ; فاروق عبد الرحمن مراد ; Farouk Abdul Rahman Murad and others (1993)


The Arab Center for Security Studies and Training in Riyadh seeks to spread the security culture & to raise public awareness of the issues & matters related to security of society, its stability & prevention of crime. For that, set up the so-called annual cultural seasons which include a number of public & specialized lectures that deal with the most important issues according to the point of view of the center. This study contains a number of topics & lectures related to the security culture that have been mentioned in the fourth culture season hold by the Arab Center for Security Studies & Training in Riyadh. Initially, the research provides an overview of the Arab Center for Security studies & Training to show its inception, scientific programs, advisory services, the publisher within, its high institute for security sciences, department of scientific research within, and training department & its goals & cultural activities. Then the study talks about different topics which include: impact of faith in the character-building. The concept of the comprehensive security & means of to achieve in Muslim, modern community, planning the security of the society of the Arab States, places of worship & its impact on human behavior & human relations, the social integration between reconciliation & punishment and the Arab brain immigration to foreign countries. The physical environment of the city of Islamic urban and its role in the prevention of crime, the security of nuclear power plants and the size & trends of criminal phenomenon in the Arab World. Finally, the drug epidemic and the role of the media, in raising awareness of its dangerous.