Jurisprudence on Security and Intelligence

فقه الأمن والمخابرات / إبراهيم علي محمد أحمد.

أحمد، إبراهيم علي محمد ; Ibrahim Ali M. Ahmad (2006)


As a whole, the present book seeks to expound Sharia standpoint on the works carried out by intelligence agencies. Also, it exposes Sharia viewpoints towards multiple issues and practices that stem from intelligence strategies. In substance, it has devoted on following subjects: - The Concept of Security and Intelligence in Islam; - Sharia Stance on Defectiveness, Surveillance, and Interrogation. - Sharia Injunctions on Rumor, Fabricated Sources, Frauds and Communication-Information. - Views on Conniving; Surveillance; and Interceptions. - Sharia Viewpoint on Material Sabotage - Islamic Viewpoints on Women Employment in Security, Investigation and Inspection Works. -Sharia Approach towards Assassination during Investigation Process. - Legitimacy of Imprisonment, Threats, Tortures and Detention. The book, in its conclusive section, offers some recommendations. The latter are as follow: 1. There is growing need to expand research in the broad area of security and intelligence jurisprudence. 2. Specialized academic institutes should be established under intelligence security agencies. The latter should provide teaching and instruction on security jurisprudence. 3. Regular jurisprudence courses should be organized to impart education to the personnel associated with security and intelligence.