The Security Culture: Lectures of the Sixth Cultural Season.

الثقافة الأمنية : سلسلة محاضرات الموسم الثقافي السادس

جلال ثروت ; Jalal Tharwat and others (1991)



The Arab Center for Security Studies and Training in Riyadh seeks to spread the security culture & to raise public awareness of the issues & matters related to security of society, its stability & prevention of crime. For that, set up the so-called annual cultural seasons which include a number of public & specialized lectures that deal with the most important issues according to the point of view of the center. This study contains a number of topics & lectures culture that have been mentioned in the sixth season culture season which deal with issues that affect the social reality of the Arab. It deals with issues relevant with the security of the Arab society, aims to highlight in its entirety to the importance of the modern scientific trends that cure the social & security problems. At the beginning, the research provides an objective, scientific analysis of family disintegration, regarding the terms of causes & its security affects. It also discusses the scientific bases for the management of police operations in the Arab World, by demonstrating the applied problems of the police department, under the conditions & circumstances which these department work in the Arab World. Then it moves to the subject of the computer & its uses in the fight against crime, it highlights some aspects concern the use of computer at the security fields, also illustrates the use of the computer as a tool to commit the crime, other use of computer to fight crimes. Finally, address to the following: Developing the philosophy of punishment in penal institutions Developing the international drug control and psychotropic substances Crime and children Scientific methods for the detection of crime Self-developing of managers The ethics of policeman International efforts in the fight against drugs