The Problems of Prisoners Families and The Limitations of Their Solving Programs

مشكلات أسر السجناء ومحددات برامج علاجها / عبد الله عبد الغني غانم.

غانم، عبد الله عبد الغني ; Abdullah Ghanem (2009)


This book includes a research that studies problems limitations that follows the imprisonment of a member of any family and the relation between these limitations and the comprehensive social care programs that help the family of the prisoner to overcome these problems. The book determines the social and economic conditions and characteristics of the prisoners’ families, which include the problems that face these families such as bad social reputation, problems that appear in the family structure especially when the prisoner is one of the parents, psychological hardships that the family faces during the imprisonment, children’s schooling results go down thanks to the gloomy and desperate atmosphere that exist at their homes because of that relative’s imprisonment. Thus, comprehensive care of the prisoner’s families is necessary to help these families to be good members of society and to stand with the imprisoned member to improve his behavior and return back to society as a good person. The book includes five chapters. The first chapter studies the problem, objectives, and idioms of the research. The second chapter discusses the problem of imprisonment and mentions the previous studies in this regard. The third chapter is a field study of someone imprisonment and the problems that his or her family face because of that. The researcher uses here a descriptive and analytical methodologies and he gathers his data using questionnaire. The fourth chapter explains the methods of dealing and helping the prisoner’s families. The researcher encourages people who are in responsibility to individualize the treatment of the families problems. The fifth chapter talks about the relation between the limitations and the problems of the prisoner’s families and the families care programs, and it studies the characteristic of public programs regarding this subject.