The Security Culture: Lectures of the Seventh Cultural Season.

الثقافة الأمنية : سلسلة محاضرات الموسم الثقافي السابع / المركز العربي للدراسات الأمنية والتدريب ؛ فتحي محمد طايل

الرياض) ; فتحي محمد طايل ; Fathi Mohammed Tayel and others (1990)


The Arab Center for Security Studies and Training in Riyadh seeks to spread the security culture & to raise public awareness of the issues & matters related to security of society, its stability & prevention of crime. For that, set up the so-called annual cultural seasons which include a number of public & specialized lectures that deal with the most important issues according to the point of view of the center. This study contains a number of topics & lectures that have been mentioned in the seventh culture season. The book starts talking about the dangerous of drugs on human, that support the theory of the behaviorism in scientific fields, rejecting the theory of psychoanalysis because of its fall to address the phenomenon of drugs, it also addresses the subject of administrative difficulties in the security services and defines those difficulties, it discusses them in a substantive discussion. Then it moves to the joint Arab action & the fight against international terrorism, it provides a vision of elements of the Arab strategy to counter international terrorism, with the concentration that must be met for the Arab States. It refers also to the trends of the crime phenomenon in the Arab community in the next decade, in the light of the features of the cultural & social change, the socio-economic development and the steady increase of population. Finally, the book discusses, addition to the above, the following: The role of the family as a tool of social control Modern methods of road safety The contemporary perspective to guard & secure the V.I.Ps Modern cities and traffic accidents & traffic violations Borders control The role of social work in the prevention of crime Security in the big cities Comprehensive development Planning issues in the security sectors