Waqf (Religious Endowment) in islamic sharia: Purpose, Social and religious Dimensions

الوقف في الشريعة الإسلامية : حكمه وأبعاده الدينية والاجتماعية / سليمان بن عبد الله بن حمود أبا الخيل.

أبا الخيل، سليمان بن عبد الله بن حمود ; Sulaiman Abdullah Aba Al-Khail (2008)


Endowments within the context of Islamic jurisprudence in particular and Islamic Sharia at large were focus for the book written by S.A. Aba Alkhail under the title Endowments in Islamic Sharia. It is noteworthy that the system of endowments is exclusively an Islamic Sharia invention. Being beneficial to Muslim communities in their life and in the hereafter the endowments system has always been so important. Its social and economic impacts have their tangible implications on social collaboration, proper conduct and ideal moral behavior. Main topics included in the book are: - Concept and rules of endowments. - Endowments from a linguistic and Sharia perspective. - Rules and bases of endowments in Sharia. - Types of endowments and the philosophy behind legalizing them (in Sharia) - Religious and social dimensions of endowments. However, the main areas relate to: faith, society and economy. Presumably due to its nature as a non-individualistic affair i.e. collaborative, it is bound to tighten societal relations, assist in intensifying efforts to integrated and consolidate brotherly-hood among community members.